Scoring well on tests is the sort of happy thing that gets the school district the greenbacks they crave. Understanding and appreciating the material are secondary.

School Timings

Particular Time Status
School 8.20AM -3.45PM Mon to Fri working
Office 8.20AM -4.30PM Mon to Fri Working
Office 9.30AM -3.30PM Saturday Working
Office -- Second Saturday not Working

Bell Timings

Time Status
8.20 AM First Bell
8.25 AM Second Bell
8.30AM-8.45AM Assembly
8.45AM-9.30AM Ist Period
9.30AM-10.10AM IIst Period
10.10AM-10.20AM Break
10.20AM-11AM III Period
11AM-11.40AM IV Period
11.40AM-12.20PM V Period
12.20PM-12.50PM Lunch Break
12.50PM-1.35PM VI Period
1.35PM-2.15PM VII Period
2.15PM-2.25PM Break
2.25PM-3.05PM VIII Period
3.05PM-3.45PM IX Period