Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.

The Calendar – 2018-19 – I Term


Under the guidance of the eco club, June 5, World Environment day was celebrated in the true spirit with speeches, distribution of seed packets, poem recitation, tree plantation etc. The highlight of this year’s celebration was the distribution of 2000 paper bags and cloth bags made by the students in the shops of Poochatty junction as part of the ‘Beat plastic pollution campaign’.


14th June, the day of the penalty shootout that marked the beginning of the world cup celebrations in our school. It started in the most unexpected way. It began when the ball kicked by the Vice Principal found its way into the net. Then the shootout for the juniors and the seniors were held. The audience held their breath waiting for the winners to emerge. And finally, in the Junior category Viswabharathi which represented the country Germany won the match and in the senior category Thakshashila which represented the country Brazil won the match.


19 th to 25 th of June was observed as the reading week. A variety of activities were conducted during these days in the school. Book reviews were presented at the morning assembly as well s in the English classes. Class libraries were set up in all the classes and a class librarian was appointed for each class from standard 6 to 12. A book review writing competition was also organized on 25 th June 2018.


It was on the 21st of June that the international Yoga day was celebrated in the school. The students of class 10 gathered in the school auditorium and guided by the demonstrators performed several divine Yoga postures. The event which is being celebrated annually, internationally to great effect is expected to spread the lasting, wholesome benefits of this simple and powerful art among the students.


On 26th June 2018, our school celebrated the international day against drug abuse and trafficking by organizing an informative speech in the assembly. The speech emphasized on the need to wake up against drug abuse and illegal trafficking happening around us. It stressed on the importance to strengthen the action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse and human trafficking.


As part of the Ramayana week celebration in school, which began on the first day of the Malayalam month of Karkidakam, many eminent personalities gave spiritual speeches related to this auspicious month.

On 17 th of July, students of class 11 & 12 were given an opportunity to listen to Sri. Prof Vaidyalinga Sharma. Sir enriched our minds by telling us about the essence of Ramayana and how values obtained from it can be brought into our lives. On 18 th of July Sri. V.S.Susheelan addressed classes 4,5 & 6.It was an interactive session. On 19 th of July, Sri. Murali Poranattukara delivered a speech to the students of classes 7, 8 & 9.The speech was in depth yet delightful.

On 20 th July, Ramayana parayana competition was conducted by the Sanskrit department .On 23rd of July a quiz completion was held in connection with Ramayana week celebration. On all these auspicious days, songs in praise of Lord Rama were sung.


On 23 rd July, the investiture ceremony was conducted. The school captain, the school vice captain, the house captains, prefects and the student editors were given their badges and were assigned their responsibilities. They took their oaths and pledged that they would be sincere and responsible in fulfilling their duties.


There was a talk by Usha Pisharody teacher of the English department at the morning assembly on the Kargil Vijay Diwas and the close association that Bhavans has with those families who have been part of it.


It was on the 27 th of July that the Gurupoornima day was celebrated in the school .The day started with a special assembly. All the students expressed their love and affection to their teachers by making cards and writing messages. The whole school was in a state of high excitement.

The Calendar – 2016-17 – I Term

Felicitation – 9 June, 2016

Our school, yet again, established its committment to quality education, especially in academics, with a resounding 100% pass result in the AISSCE and AISSE 2016, conducted by the CBSE. Felicitation was accorded to all the successful candidates, 245 (of Class XII), 188 (of Class X) and their parents, by the Managing Committee of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Thrissur Kendra, under the leadership of the Senior Vice Chairman, Shri. P. Chritran Namboodiripad, Hon. Secretary, Shri K. S. Unni, Shri. Achuthan, and other members.

Shri. Achuthan, Senior Vice-Chairman, welcomed the gathering. The Principal, Dr. Manoranjini V. gave the analysis of the results, after which, Shri. P Chitran Namboodirippad delivered the Presidential Address. Mementos were then presented to the toppers of Class XII, and the students who scored a perfect 10 as CGPA, in Class XII. Feliciations followed, by the PTA President, Shri Sunderrajan, and other parents presents. Representing the Class X and XII students, Gayathri Sadanandan, Kalyani R. Suresh and Sneha Unni spoke, offering their gratitude and appreciation of the efforts of the Management, Staff and their own parents in their success. Shri. Venugopalan, Associate Secretary, proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Reading Week – 19-26 June, 2016

Reading Week was celebrated, with awareness created in students on the importance of reading, and developing a love of books. For those who are book lovers, and deeply interested in them, a quiz, with questions based on Malayalam books/writers and English books was conducted.

International Yoga Day - 21 June, 2016

International Day for Yoga was observed in school on 21 June, 2016. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Prof. Raja Raja Varma, Retd. Professor of Philosophy from Kerala Varma. Over 100 students of Class VIII, along with teachers, did Yoga – Meditation, pranayama and basic yogasanas. Smt. Geetha P.S. welcomed the gathering and introduced the Chief Guest. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Raja Raja Varma emphasized the need to nurture this age old science and commended the school for keeping it alive through active academic and practical practice. Shwetha Ramesh of Class VIII proposed the vote of thanks.

Sikshan Bharati Inspection – 24 June, 2016

The annual Sikhshan Bharati Inspection, conducted by the Education Wing of the Kerala Region of the Bhavan, under the leadership of Smt. Nithya Gopalakrishnan, took place in our school on 24 June, 2016. She was joined by Principals, Vice-Principals and Senior teachers of different schools, as they spent a day, observing classes, examining CCE Records, and interacting with both students and staff. It was an educative and motivating experience for all, the Staff, Students and the visiting team.

As the day concluded, a short meeting was organized for an interaction session between the visiting team and the staff, to share appreciation, feedback and take note of improvements that need to come in.

SPICMACAY – Twinkle Toes!

For the second year in succession, SPICMACAY organized a show in our school, for students of Classes IX and XI, in Kathak. The artiste was Ms. Shalini Sharma, a young, enthusiastic dancer steeped in the traditions of the form. The entire session was lively, interactive and a maximum participation of almost the entire hall full of students was assured as Ms. Shalini spoke in Hindi, English and a smattering of Malayalam. Explaining each part of her performance, outlining the taal, the raag and the combination of the mesmerizing dance form. Students, many boys, went up to the stage, when volunteers were asked for, and joined in an instant performance too.

The hour long session was an eye opener for many who had not seen a live performance of this dance form. SPICMACAY continues to work towards creating awareness of the different art forms and exposes the youth to the culture and heritage, so unique to our motherland. A memento was presented to … as a token of our appreciation for her motivating and enthralling lecture-demonstration. Anushri Premchand welcomed the Guest, visiting members of SPICMACAY and the audience. Vaishnavi Kishore proposed the vote of thanks.

RAMAYANA WEEK – 18-27 July, 2016

18 June 2016
The Ramayana Week was inaugurated by a well known academician, and savant Prof. P.V. Krishnan Nair, Chairman of the Sahitya Kala Academy, Retd. Prof.of Hindi (Kerala Varma College). Smt. Geetha P. S. welcomed the Guest along with gathering of staff and students from classes XI and XII. Smt. Vrinda Pradeep introduced the Chief Guest of the day as a wise teacher, dedicated and committed to his profession, and the well being of his students, of whom, she herself was one. This drew gasps of astonishment and delight, for the Professor himself seemed to us very dapper and youthful!

Prof. Krishnan Nair’s absorbing talk was interspersed with gems of quotes from a wide range of books, covering the spiritual, the moral, adventurous and practical aspects of life. He particularly emphasized on an important dictum for the youth. “If you say you have no time to read, that is intellectual suicide.” He directed the listeners’ attention towards several recommendations for reading, to improve oneself. From, “The Story of Civilization” by Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshi, “The Lectures on Ramayana” by the Rt. Hon. Sreenivsa Sastrigal and spoke at length on the principles to understand and apply in our lives, from the story of the Ramayana. The awareness that should come with such reading he said, covers these aspects – Kaala Bodham (time and space related), Lokah Bodham (wordly aspects), Kalaaa Bhodham (aesthetics) and Moolya Bodham (the intrinsic values). On schooling and education he simply quoted Victor Hugho – “If you open a school, you can close a prison!”

Prof. Krishnan Nair was presented with a memento, in gratitude for his gracious and blessed presence on the auspicious occasion. Kum. Parvathi T. Hiran proposed the vote of thanks.

19 June, 2016 GURUPOORNIMA
The second day of the Ramayana Week was, serendipitously, the occasion of Gurupoornima, or the Vyasa Poornima, the birth anniversary of Sage Vyasa, the ultimate Guru, in Indian Thought. For the third year in succession, our school has been observing this day, paying tributes to the Almighty Guru, and his earthly forms, in our own Gurus – learned visionaries from the community, and the teachers. It is an occasion to bring forth, renew the respect we carry in our hearts for our teachers and gurus.

This year, the staff and students of Class IX and X of the school received a rare benediction, in the form of the Chief Guest of the occasion, Shri. Achutha Pisharody, 105 years young. Smt. Radhika T. of the Malayalam Dept., welcomed the gathering. Shri. Achutha Pisharody is a Sanskrit Pundit, and the younger brother of the renowned Sanskrit scholar, Shri. K. P. Narayana Pisharody. After the rendition of the Guru Ashtakam, through song and dance, the Principal, Dr. Manoranjini V., performed Paadapuja at the feet of the revered Shri Achutha Pisharody, Shri P Chitran Namboodiripad, Senior Vice-Chairman, and Shri. K.S. Unni, Hon. Secretary of the Kendra. The teachers present along with students followed suit, offering namaskaras in oblation. Students gathered at the Shri. Achutha Pisharody addressed the gathering, his words ringing with simplicity and the grace of humility. He exhorted the students to look within themselves and continue to respect both, their own selves and their elders who are their gurus.

Shri. Rathish C.R., Malayalam Dept., proposed the vote of thanks.

20 July, 2016
Shri Murali Puranattukara visited the school, on 20 July, 2016, to give a talk on the Ramayana, to students of Classes VII and VIII. Kum. Shwetha Ramesh welcomed the gathering. Shri. Murali Puranattukkara, in his narration of the Ramayana, spoke of related tales and the tattva or principles of the epic story that we ought to understand and apply in our lives. He spoke with gentle humour that assayed the intent of his words and kept the interest of the audience. Kum. Dona F. Alapat proposed the vote of thanks.

22 July, 2016
The Inter-house Ramayana Parayana and Ramayan Quiz were conducted, on 22 July, 2016.

25 July, 2016
Shri. Vijay Menon, Management Guru and Philanthropist, interacted with the students of classes IX and XI, sharing his experiences with working with students of different schools and colleges, on helping those less privileged, sharing of their time and resources. Resources in kind, he specified, that had been offered after sacrificing a personal pleasure, not borrowed from others for the sole purpose of giving it. It meant that students would forgo perhaps a movie, something they wanted to buy with their pocket money, and get the people they wanted to help medicines, clothes or other items that is necessary. The students were deeply interested in the initiative and promised to take it up.

KARGIL DAY - 26 July, 2016

Kargil Vijay Divas was observed on 26 July, on the 16th anniversary of the most recent heavy conflict on the LOC that India had to face. Students of Class IX, XI and XII were fortunate to meet and interact with a veteran of the 6th Battalion of the Assam Regiment who had spent most of his 33 years of Army life at the Border, even in Siachen and the Ladakh areas. Col. PRM Ravi (Retd) spent most part of the day at school, with much enthusiasm, explaining in great detail, the area around the LOC, and what the conditions were of the terrain, that helped the Pakistani infiltrators to launch the attack they did. With Classes XI and XII, he gave them pointers on how to join the Services, if interested, and promised help with clearing the Service Selection Board, if needed. He gave many inputs on the nature of the tests, the scope for a career, and gave a brief description of what to expect should they want to join the Services. Several students came up with queries that he patiently listened to and responded. It was a fitting tribute to our martyrs that such motivation to serve one’s motherland was given on this day.

Career Counselling – Class VIII

Catch ‘em young! This is a phrase we often use, to say how an impressionable mind can be moulded to take up decision making, to lead a better life. Shri. Jomy P L, Director and Trainer at IMS Learning Centre addressed students of Class VIII, creating awareness of the wide variety of career options that were available these days. It was an interactive sessions with questions being put to children on the kind of jobs they aspired to. Kum. Shwetha Ramesh welcomed the gathering, and Kum. Parvathy Vinod proposed the vote of thanks.

Mentoring and Monitoring - 19 August, 2016

As part of standardizing and maintaining quality of CCE of its Schools, CBSE has introduced the concept of Mentoring and Monitoring, where Senior Principals of certain schools are identified to visit nearby school to monitor their progress and provide a mentoring service, while learning from the school itself newer and better practices for updating their own schools.

The Mentor for our school was Father Shaju Edamana, Principal of the Devamatha CMI Public School, Thrissur. He arrived early, before the Assembly, with his team of teachers, and was welcomed by the Principal, Dr. Manoranjini V. He attended the Assembly, spoke to the students, and joined the staff and students at school to observe and record the activities of the school. Teachers were invited to interact on a one on one basis with members of the team, classes were observed, and the Mentor with his teachers visited different parts of the school, saw the co-scholastic activites of Fine Arts/ Music/ Drawing/ Physical Education as well.

An informal interaction followed, with the teaching staff, to share their feedback and make suggestion for further improvement. It was a fruitful day for both, the visiting team as well as the Staff and students. Smt. Sujatha Menon, Vice Principal proposed the vote of thanks.